A Witch Mother Turns Her Three Sons To Statues In Gabon. Her Reason Will Surprise You

Three children of the same mother are transformed into a statue. The act is done by their mother who is a very famous witch. The facts occur in Gabon more precisely in Donguila a small village of Gabon, located in the Komo-Mondah department.

In this locality, witchcraft is a daily sport and witches do not spare anyone. Even their own offspring. This is the case with the witch, a lady aged 51 years. She turned her three children into a statue for the simple reason that the children would have disobeyed her instructions.

The eldest of the witch who gives the information had to flee the house. According to her, the incident occurred earlier this week when the three children returned from school, and saw the meat in the mother’s room and took it without asking.

The three boys instantly turned into statues after eating this meat in their mother’s room. The eldest son who did not eat the meat was not processed and according to him, it was surely human flesh.

By telling us about Libreville, the eldest son is afraid to return to his village and asks all those who can get rid of the charm, to save his brothers from the servitude they are at this moment.

The 51-year-old woman is considered the worst nightmare for most people in the village because she has everything she loves in the area. Nobody knows if the boys are still breathing or dead but the witch said they will stay like that for 10 years as a punishment.

The three statues are currently in her sanctuary and no one in the village is man enough to question her and force her to reverse the curse.

NB: The included photo is only for illustration

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