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Comedy: Swagger – Intelligent father and daughter

f I came to this world via this family I kill my self and ran away. Which kind of father…

2 days ago

Comedy Video: Xploit Comedy – The Burial

These guys are just extremely funny and creative... Their friend needed money for operation they didn't help him, he eventually…

3 days ago

Comedy Video: Broda Shaggi Curses his girlfriend

Broda Shaggi isn happy with the questions Aunty Shaggy is asking him, he is just angrily swearing for anybody anyhow.…

1 week ago

Comedy Video: Sirbalo Clinic – Opression

This oppression is not here at all is it because the boyfriend doesn't have a car, see how he just…

1 week ago

Comedy Video: Swagger – Am in my house come and beat me

Children obey your elder once because they are your senior. This little girl use her mouth to watch this man…

1 week ago

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