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Ghana Comedy Video: Clifford Owusu – Hey Sirious

African father tries to use voice prompt on his phone but he is finding it challenging because of his dialect,…

1 week ago

Prank Video: Zfancy – Holy Water Prophesy Prank On Best Friend

Nigerians love miracle a lot so Zfancy hits the street to prank people about Holy water prophesy/ Watch and share…

1 week ago

Comedy Video: Lasisi Elenu – Enough is Enough

Lasisi Elenu is sharing his funny experience with bank securities hailing him and tasking for money, something he doesn't like…

1 week ago

Comedy Video: Akpan and Oduma – GHOST

Oduma gets a job in a cemetery. He starts to bring home new clothes and pairs of shoes and Akpan…

1 week ago

Comedy Video: Mc Shem – Fasting In An African Homes

I this Episode of Mama Shem series, Shem is told to fast for three days, without food and water, but…

1 week ago

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