Farida Nabourema Educates Western Medias On How To Do Their Jobs

Our own  Fearless democracy and human rights Farida Nabourema takes foreign journalists to school teaches them how to give accuracy on their reports.

see her post on instagram below.

It is not just a #Togo thing , it is an African thing. A few years ago I spent days researching articles on google were Togo was referred to as tiny both in French “minuscule “ and in English. I found about 200 and I wrote to every single editor requesting that they remove that derogatory adjective from the article. Last year again at the height of the political crisis in #Togo I had to remind another dozen western media to not refer to my country as tiny. It is not a matter of pride or nationalism; far from that. It is a matter of accuracy.

Togo is actually bigger than 127 countries in the world and doesn’t qualify as tiny both in size and population. Gabon which is referred to as tiny here is actually bigger than 33 European countries including Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark and it is twice the size of England.

You will never see Western Journalists refer to European countries or Israel which is actually extremely tiny as tiny countries. It is the condescending attitude, the need to always minimize African Nations , the need to undermine the wholeness of African countries that guides such description and they do it in a subconscious way.

The tone used to describe African countries are always insulting and demeaning. The economist wrote an article on TOGO and referred to it as a tiny and obscur country some months ago and I had to call that nonsense out.

Another thing that annoys me is the need for them to remind who colonized us. You will never read an article written by western journalists saying “ Canada, a former British and French Colony”, or Spain, a former Turkish colony or the United States a former British colony. But when it comes to African countries, they need to say Togo a former French colony which is even a lie (Togo was a German colony later placed under French mandate), Ghana, a former British colony and so on and so forth.

There’s a need to remind themselves of an illusory superiority. I don’t see the relevance in mentioning the colonial power of a country in an article that has nothing to do with colonialism. Western media need to be re-educated about the way they report on Africa and it is our duty as African citizens to en


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