LEAKED! Akon Caught Cheating On ALL 7 OF HIS WIVES… Having Cex With ‘Super Thot” Celina!!! [See Leaked Pics/Video]

Rapper Akon is currently married to 7 different women – and he was just caught cheated on all of them.

The popular Instagram model Celina Powell just leaked a video and screenshots of her in bed with a sleeping Akon. Celina claims that the two hooked up, and when he fell asleep – she gathered the evidence that she would later use to expose him.

Celina – who many are calling the “Super Thot”- leaked the video and screenshots showing Akon yesterday. She claims that the encounter between her and the rapper occurred recently.

Celina has been linked to rappers Snoop Dogg, Swae Lee, Offset and Wake Flocka. She exposed EACH of her ex-rapper bed partners on social media – by leaking pics in their beds.

Akon claims that under “African” culture he’s allowed to marry multiple women. In that vein, the rapper openly bragged about having “7 wives.” It’s not clear whether Akon married all the women legally – which would be illegal in the United States.


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