Sea Turns Blood As Entire Village Round Up And Slaughter 180 Whales See Pictures and Video

In a horrific scene, dozens of villagers on a remote Atlantic island of Faroe Island can be seeing hunting down and slaughtering a pod of whales, turning the water into a Red sea with their blood.

The practice, known as whale driving, saw children as young as five take part in the hunt of some 180 whales in the village of Sandavágur on Vágar island last month.

Every summer, hundreds of pilot and beaked whales are killed across the Faroe Islands, a Danish archipelago located hundreds of miles off the Scottish coast between Norway and Iceland.

Whale driving on the Faroe Islands date back to the late 16th century and involve residents herding pods of whales into shallow waters.

They are then killed using a ‘spinal lance’ that is inserted through the animal’s neck to break its spinal cord.

See more pictures below;

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