Sport News: See Updates On Togo Cup And Round Of 16 Fixtures

The different stages of Togo will vibrate this weekend to the rhythm of the sixteenth finals of the Togo Cup with an interesting duel of the first division between Agaza and Dyto.

If Dyto has the favor of the predictions in view of his performance in the first division, we must still remember that a cup game often has realities that differ from those of the championship. Another first division duel is played in the north between Koroki, the leader and Unisport.

Already Saturday, March 17, 2018, 6 meetings are scheduled. In Atakpamé, the club Adziri challenge Kotoko de Lavié. The Ententell and the shooting star of Lomé meet at the municipal stadium of Lomé for a duel hundred percent D2. The club Anges de Notsè moves to Badou to play Okiti of the locality. Wadande Open is measured against Asko de Kara and Zio’s Hope Club goes to Hahotoé to play Vo Olympic.

On Sunday, March 18, Mosaïque fc receives Foadan from Dapaong. In Kaboli, Semassi crosses the irons with Odalou of the locality while Asck plays Sara Sport of Bafilo. As Binah faces Gbikinti from Bassar to Pagouda. TAC plays Agouwa while Gomido moves to Atakpamé to face Ifodje. At Ablogamé, the training center AAFA is waiting for the As OTR and Agoè.

Here is the whole program

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Adziri – Kotoko

EntenteII – Shooting Star

Koroki – Unisport

Wadande Open – Asko

Olympic VO – Hope

Okiti – Angels

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mosaic – Foadan

Odalou – Semassi

Sara – Asck

As Binah – Gbikinti

TAC – Agouwa

Ifodje – Gomido


Agaza – Dyto

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