Politics: UNIR Says It Must Be Faure Gnassingbé In Power or Nobody

This Is definitely a bad News for Patriotic Togolese everywhere in the world.

The socio-political crisis spares no one. More than seven months after the revival of the fight by Tikpi Atchadam, everything suggests that nothing to move. Power and opposition hostage people who struggle to find the 3 meals a day.

What solution to the crisis that shakes Togo? How can power and opposition expect to save what needs to be? These are the questions to which many Togolese do not yet have an answer. At the level of the 14 political parties, the answer to these questions is simple. While the 3 th round of the dialogue discussions managed to suspend the organization of elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the coalition made a proposal. This was unveiled at the last press conference of 14 political parties in the coalition.

One of the two demands of opposition-backed Panik’s National Party (PNP) is no longer relevant. This is the return of the constitution of 92 in its original version.

In place of the return of the C92, the opposition wants the revision of 5 articles of the constitution. She also wants the current president Faure Gnassingbe not to represent again in 2020. On this point, it is clear if it is to save the interest of the people.

But, in reality, nothing prevents Faure Gnassingbe from representing himself in terms of the current constitution. And the presidential camp must be aware. Further the opposition puts on the table, a question of transition without Faure Gnassingbe until 2020 followed by the presidential

“In any case, we can not accept that the current President of the Republic is a candidate in the presidential election of 2020,” warns the coalition through the coordinator who brandishes the phrase of the constitution of 92: “In no case no one can do more than two terms »

Tikpi Atchadam goes further by saying in his last media outing that: ” Our logic does not start from 2020 but from today.I am talking about the 1992 Constitution, the resignation of Faure, the opening of a transition to lead us to the elections and you speak to me of a candidacy of Faure in 2020? “. Before launching a new appeal to the Togolese people.

“To the Togolese people I ask to remain attached to the fundamentals of the struggle, the C92 and the effectiveness of the vote of the diaspora.He did not pay this heavy tribute to arrive at a government of national union at the end of which Faure goes to settle in. There is no question of it, a people standing at the end of any dictator. ”

However, the big question that many Togolese want to have a clear answer is how this transition is possible. Faure Gnassingbé will he make a resignation speech? Or, Nana Akufo Addo will announce the end of the presidential term at the opening of the dialogue? If Yes, is it that Dama Dramani will be the next president of the Transition? Opposition too. How easy!

To be realistic, proposing a transition is a bad proposition. The opposition could have said that a transition is in place and will be conducted by the current president until 2020. At the end of the transition, Faure Gnassingbé will no longer be a candidate.

It is then up to his party to choose the one who will defend the colors of the party in the presidential election of 2020. But say that we put in place a transition in full mandate and it’s over for the president, it’s too decided. The opposition must review its copy.

But at the same time, the party in power must also review its copy, that always want to maintain Faure Gnassingbé or nothing in power.

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